International Women’s Day 2021

Get engaged at International Women’s Day and #ChooseToChallenge

At Atos, we believe that diversity drives performance. Our diverse, engaged and talented workforce is a clear source of competitive advantage for Atos and we have placed a specific focus on helping talented women build rewarding careers and steadily rebalancing the gender ratio of the company.

Atos is proud to join Siemens on International Women’s Day for a global online live event! Join us on LinkedIn, March 8th from 11:30-12:15 CET, for a panel discussion “It’s time to #ChooseToChallenge”.

Ozlem Yavuz and Philippe Mareine from Atos, together with Natalia Oropeza and Dr. Norbert Gaus from Siemens, will discuss how to empower women in our organizations to develop and grow. They will also outline which company culture needs to be fostered to attract more female tech talent. The importance of leadership roles will also be in the focus: How are these roles defined and how leadership can be made accountable for driving gender equality.

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“Diversity brings innovation, performance and resilience. At Atos we take the challenge to attract more women in science and target gender balanced digital technology teams.”

Philippe Mareine

“Let us work together to encourage all forms of diversity, to realize our full potential and design technology for everyone.”

Ozlem Yavuz


Philippe Mareine

Chief Digital & Transformation Officer and Head of CSR at Atos

Ozlem Yavuz

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Central Europe at Atos

Natalia Oropeza

Chief Cyber Security Officer and Chief Diversity Officer, Siemens AG

Dr. Norbert Gaus

Executive VP, Head of Research in Digitalization and Automation at Siemens AG and Vice Chairman of Siemens Healthineers Supervisory Board