Business Technology in Action

Our proof-of-concepts showcase around sixty examples of Atos business technology in action. Please contact us to schedule compelling, relevant hands-on sessions for your visit.

Bull sequana X1000 series

The race to the exascale systems needed to meet the major challenges of the 21st century calls for technological breakthroughs.

Bull’s new sequana range of supercomputers meet those exascale technological challenges, which include handling the data deluge, accelerating application performance, ensuring resilience, minimizing energy consumption and offering a platform open for future technologies.

Integrating the most advanced processors, interconnected networks and data storage, sequana confirms Atos’ strategic commitment to the development of innovative high performance computing systems. Designed by Bull R&D in close cooperation with major clients, the Bull sequana X1000 supercomputer leverages the latest technological advances to guarantee maximum performance for a minimal operation cost.

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Big Data appliances

Big Data appliances to simplify and accelerate business

Big Data lies at the heart of today’s Customer Transformation Challenges with new data analysis options transforming data into insights that are critical to creating real value. Yet, with infrastructure facing so many new challenges, organizations are struggling to take full advantage of the power of Big Data.

Bull’s Big Data appliances unlock new insights in real time, accelerating the transformation of data into real value. With thoughtful end-to-end integration from the infrastructure layer to the software layer, Bull’s technologies and appliances simplify Big Data implementations.

Based on a powerful, flexible and reliable infrastructure and powered by bullion, Bull’s high-end x86 server, these appliances enable capabilities ranging from extreme speed to enhanced data analysis. More importantly, they address the ultimate demands that are often believed to be completely irreconcilable: performance and elasticity, reliability and cost control to.

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Circuit makes your Teamwork better

In today’s world teams often collaborate using a multitude of disparate tools. Circuit provides a far more efficient and effective way to collaborate by keeping these various tools together in one place. With Circuit, everyone is kept on the same page – whether they’re sharing text, images or important documents and are using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers on their iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM.

This single app proves one virtual meeting space with all the capabilities needed for team collaboration and communication. Whether team members use voice, video or chat, Circuit’s simplicity lets them collaborate as naturally when the team is apart as when the team is together. Its online communities and promote cooperation, interaction, opinion and idea sharing.

Circuit allows teams to keep all their content together while ensuring everything stays within context, so they can stay organized. All content is easy to find. Search and filter by search terms and people to find what they need within seconds.

Download Success Story: A Sound LookDownload Why Customers love Circuit Presentation

Atos Codex for Utilities

Data collection, analysis and sharing are driving a new generation of customer engagement services and a new generation of collaborative partnerships for utilities.

Atos has created a new platform to help utility companies exploit their growing data assets as they provision compelling added-value customer services and build new collaborative business models. At the top of this platform, Atos Codex for Utilities provides a framework that allows multiple partners to collaborate on new service propositions in a way that is both agile and cost-effective.

Built around shared real-time data and with data analytics at its core, Atos Codex for Utilities allows utilities to benefit directly from business-oriented services and functionality we’ve already developed. Modular and open, it allows data to be collected not just from smart meters, but from any other internet-connected device and acts as a smart data hub, managing analytics and routing complex multiple data streams to their specified portals and applications.

Download our White Paper: Atos codex analytics solutions

Atos Codex for Telco

Our Communications Services Provider clients need to innovate and differentiate themselves for both their enterprise and consumer customers. The Atos Codex Analytics team for Telco is using real-time network signal stream analysis to do that, through our partnership with EMC.

The Atos Codex Telco Data Analytics solution has the attention of C-level executives in some of the largest global operators.

We are innovating in 3 areas:

  • Analyzing customer experience and behavior to help develop new services that customers want and rapidly open up profitable new revenue streams
  • Understanding the customer journey and experience of connecting over the network to improve customer engagement
  • Analyzing networks to ensure they are optimized, cutting costs, improving NPS scores and reducing churn.

Our experts

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Jean-Pierre Panziera

Chief Technology Officer for Extreme Computing

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Arnaud Ramond

Big Data Marketing

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Jan Hickisch

VP Global Portfolio Strategy

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Ulf Walter

Head of Global Strategy & Business Development Telco Sector