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Delivering seamlessly major events and knowing the fan

E2E event technology and services for smooth operations, curation and monetization of digital content

Technology is critical to the success of any major events!

Atos´ portfolio provides the full range of IT Products and Services required to stage world class sporting events from Timing and Scoring through to Information Diffusion Systems that distribute the results to international media, news agencies, websites and TV graphics. It also includes full Event Management Systems, Integration services and Games Times Operations.

Atos helped organizing committees to deliver successfully more than 100 of the largest events in the world during the past 25 years.

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100+ major events successfully delivered


CORP.IT - IT Partnership

Helping the customer to manage the project: budget creation and control, staffing plan, infrastructure needs, IT Master Plan, Organization chart, process management, knowledge transfer, risk management, project ecosystem, Technology strategy, testing management, project monitoring, Integration, etc.

SECURE - Cybersecurity 360º

Solutions to keep participants, event-goers and content safe.

RUN.IT - E2E event technology

From off-the-shelf Event Management Systems to manage the logistic of the Event, to Timing, Scoring and Results to manage the sport information and distribute it to the Media, the Broadcasters and the World audiences.

PLAY - Monetization

Fan Relationship Platform to generate revenue for the event owners through the sale of tickets, merchandising, market places, etc. The solution connect several websites to sale items related to the organization with a CRM, data analytics and Social Sentiment tools to enforce the cross selling and customer management. The Atos Digital Marketing Office can manage the business to engage the users and produce campaigns.

What our clients say about us

IDC Digital Transformation for the Olympic Games Case Study

Digital Transformation for the Olympic Games

“The delivery of the secure cloud to support all Olympic Games from 2018 is a major milestone in our digital transformation.”

Jean-Benoît Gauthier, IOC Technology Director

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Digital Empowerment for the Olympic Games

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History of Games Technology

As Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games since 1989, this graphic shows the history of the Games technology evolution.

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