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Firms in capital markets compete on operational effectiveness as well as client services. As a recognized global leader in technology services, we ensure your applications and infrastructure are secure, scalable and cost effective. Designed with our ‘NoOps’ philosophy, your client-facing teams can quickly transform operations without complex IT requirements. So you can future-proof your business.

Accelerating Federal CCAR compliance in the U.S.

How Atos deploys statistical and non-statistical models to speed up regulatory reporting for this global Swiss investment bank

40+ CCAR models

included in a single platform

The challenge

Strict U.S. regulations covering financial markets mean banks use up lots of resources on regulatory reporting. The U.S. Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) is one such regulatory framework that requires a high level of effort—including reporting projections for the next nine quarters.

Our solution

We created a system that would allow this leading Swiss bank to reduce the pressure on resources from CCAR compliance. Taking statistical and non-statistical models for nine-quarter projections, we built in key stress tests and end-to-end automation. This allows the bank to cover PPNR, balance sheet, credit losses, market RWA, and all other projections in a single place.

The results

With built-in stress tests for multiple scenarios, the system provides the team with simpler access to data and insights. It includes more than 40 models for CCAR that are implemented through R-analytics. It’s also easy to adjust individual models to create new scenarios—making the system future-proof when regulations change.

State-of-the-art data warehousing to streamline reporting

How Atos provides data integration and reporting services to support this leading UK wealth manager


increase in productivity

The challenge

Institutions that operate across borders are obliged to deal with multiple sources of data in multiple formats. Making sure data is consistent, high quality, and available as close to real-time as possible was a particular problem for this wealth manager.

Our solution

We streamlined the integration of all data sources using Atos data warehousing capabilities. Involved in a centralized system, the team can now handle data in many different formats. The system also gives them real-time details of master entities—such as customers, products and advisors—as well as data from various systems, including iFast, KANA, Frontier and NTAS.

The results

With simpler data warehousing, streamlined reporting, and better data quality, the wealth manager has seen a 45% increase in productivity. The master data solution provides high quality information and has reduced previous errors by 100%.

Near real-time reporting

How Atos uses data warehousing and ETL solutions to improve currency reporting for this global U.S custodian


reduction in reporting costs

The challenge

Creating reports on currency positions often requires customized templates. For one global custodian, this meant business users were taking up too much IT time with new template requests. It wanted users to be able to create their own to improve the speed of currency reporting.

Our solution

We developed a cloud-based data warehouse that collates financial data in a single place. By layering on our Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) data tool, we gave users access to data in near real-time. And with a drag-and-drop user interface, the team can now create their own extracts and report templates whenever they like.

The results

The integrated report designer tool has reduced user dependency on IT and cut costs by 30%. Currency data extraction and reporting now takes 40% less effort and business users are able to create reports because there’s no need to write special code.

Industry-leading customer satisfaction for high net worth clients

How Atos created a Service Desk to improve relationships with this multinational U.S bank’s most valued customers


end users now with onsite support

The challenge

Maintaining a high standard of service to the most significant clients requires constant effort. Knowing when to offer new investment opportunities, process portfolio adjustments, or just be on-hand to handle enquiries involves time and resources.

Our solution

Through a long-standing SLA, we upgraded this bank’s global end user services. We established a Service Desk focused exclusively on high net worth clients in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The results

The Service Desk is the front end of a multi-layer cost efficiency drive supported by automated processes. The impact has been a more proactive approach and support for employees dealing with the bank’s most valued customers across the globe.

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