About Xavier Vigouroux

Strategic Collaboration Coordinator, Global Big Data and Security, Atos

After a Ph.D. from Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon in distributed computing, Dr Xavier Vigoroux, worked for major companies at different positions: from support engineer in telecom infrastructure at Hewlett-Packard, tech lead at Sun microsystems, investigator at Sun labs, ... He joined Bull in 2006 and led the HPC benchmarking team for the first five years, then in charge of the "Education and Research" market for HPC, he launched and managed the "Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming" of Bull. This CEPP activities focus on tackling issues in HPC application performance. For two years, he had the position of program director for a research center in artificial intelligence, Naver labs Europe, and is now coordinating the strategic collaborations for HPC AI and Quantum in Bull/Atos.

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