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Global Lead in Critical Communication Systems for Transportation Solutions

With over 20 years working in the Telecom Industry, thereof over 7 years on Telecom Solutions for Railways, Vedran Gornik is Global Lead in Critical Communication Systems for Transportation Solutions. With his past experience in multiple roles – Product Line Manager, Solution Line Manager, Project Manager, Head of GDC, Head of Technical Support, he is responsible for strategic portfolio offerings in Critical Communications for the Transportation market.

Vedran joined Atos in 2018 and is working as Senior Expert in Telecom&Networks domain.

He believes that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing fundamental changes on the Railway Industry, bringing the utilization of a range of new technologies and reshaping the working models.

Vedran holds Master degrees in Electrotechnics, field Radio Communications, and in Economy, field Management. He is also certified IPMA Project Manager.

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Articles posted by Vedran Gornik

Next generation railway communications are creating new challenges

Development of the world’s next generation of railways is now well underway: we are seeing a convergence of hyper-connectivity and data that will transform how rail infrastructures are operated and maintained. As the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) begins to take shape, operators could be at a crossroads when it comes to how they procure critical communications…