About Steve Cockerill

Vice President and Consulting Partner, Global Manufacturing

Steve is an experienced business technologist with over twenty-five years of technology and digital consulting experience gained in the Manufacturing, CPG, Automotive and Telecoms sectors. He has held several international consulting and blue-chip roles, leading multi-country consulting and programme delivery teams to support clients across the UK, Europe and the US. Steve is an Atos patent holder for his work upon real-time analytics in the Rail industry.
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Articles posted by Steve Cockerill

Success in consumer packaged goods? It’s built on trust.

Several business differentiators can help fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies gain momentum and generate revenue growth: brand, speed, smarter supply chains/factories and customer trust. In our fourth installment of blog posts focused on FMCG, we will discuss how to improve customer trust in our industrial processes to better meet the needs of every consumer. Earn…

Speedy adjustments to market fluctuations are key to FMCG success

In the previous post of this four-post series (How consumer brands can win in a virtual world) we offered advice on protecting your brand from digital threats. Brand is one of four differentiators that can help fast moving consumer goods companies gain momentum and revenue growth: Brand Speed Supply chain Trust Speed (aka Agility) is the…

Bad impersonations: How consumer brands can win in a virtual world

For decades, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies have been the choice for investors looking for moderate but constant growth and high profitability. Since December 2000, the FMCG industry outperformed the market by an average of 2.4% per year, returned 0.6 points more dividend and delivered these returns with a significantly lower risk1. And…

Embracing new automotive technologies to meet consumer demand

As manufacturers look with hopeful expectation to 2021, the automotive industry finds itself at a figurative fork in the road: veer one way and OEMs are diving deeply into new technologies to reach a wider range of customers with optimized product lines. In the other direction, some automakers find themselves falling behind the technology curve and losing ground…

Meeting customer demands through connectivity and market diversity

As the world slowly emerges from pandemic-driven lockdowns, social distancing and remote home offices; modes of daily transportation will be a top-of-mind issue for both working and socializing. Aside from being prepared to meet this expanding market, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must be proactive in meeting customer demands—which are becoming more and more individualized. That means it is…

Are you prepared to compete in an evolving auto industry?

The work-from-home approach to labor is a steady trend that has accelerated over the last ten years to more flexible working patterns that are beginning to erode the traditional concept of commuting. This erosion was exacerbated along with a dip in worldwide auto sales by the Spring 2020 arrival of the global COVID-19 pandemic