About Sanjin Goglia

Global Head of Homeland Security

Sanjin is Global Head of Homeland Security at Atos. He joined Atos in April 2013 as Head of Identity, Security and Risk Management working on large global deals. In 2016 he joined the Big Data and Security team with responsibility for the Homeland Security business. Before joining Atos, Sanjin held a number of positions at international IT and consulting companies providing IT security solutions and services to national security agencies, as well as financial services and life science customers.

In his role Sanjin works with clients across the world to help them solve their key issues related to data analysis, border and immigration, emergency management and critical communication. Sanjin is a strong advocate of the idea that data and predictive analytics can and will profoundly transform many areas of national security by improving efficiency and decision making capabilities, while respecting individual’s privacy.

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