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Business & Management Consultant

Robert-Jan Streng is leading the Business Performance Improvement (BPI) activities for Atos Consulting in the Netherlands. He is managing partner of the Business Process Management (BPM) competence centre. He is working on improving business processes – following the Lean Six Sigma methodology, for which he holds a black belt certification – and where appropriate implement them in Dynamic Case Management tools such as Pega or using Robotic Process Automation. He obtained a PhD in process redesign from Delft University of Technology, on a seminal case study project to improve the supply chain processes of Heineken from the Netherlands to the US, connecting all parties in the value chain. He has carried successful business process improvement projects for renowned organizations in industry sectors such as Energy, Banking, Electronics, Telecom, Public and the United Nations.

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Articles posted by Robert-Jan Streng

Implementing Intelligent Process Automation (IPA): Four mistakes to avoid

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) and the less-pretentious sister RPA (Robotic Process Automation) have been at the center of attention over the past few years. The promise is obvious: repetitive tasks that are currently carried out by humans can relatively easily be done by software robots using the “human” user interface to interact with applications. The addition…

Properly Designing Exceptions in Business Processes: it depends on the Circumstances

It is a dilemma that every business process designer faces. Imagine that your beautiful, elegant, innovative, easy-to-understand, Lean-based process design – the result of several brown paper workshops with all relevant stakeholders present – covers more than 95% of all cases and situations. Many process architects would be inclined to say: let’s put…