About Robert Buis

Geo Competence Lead

Robert is a GIS specialist with a background in the utilities sector. Robert leads the Atos team of GIS scientists based in the Netherlands. The team is particularly interested in how the combination of GIS, Big GeoData, Location Analytics and IoT technologies can be applied to business process optimization, with a special focus on reducing risk and increasing productivity for the mobile workforce. Data analysis, 2D and 3D data visualization, and thematic mapping are all specialist areas of interest.

Articles posted by Robert Buis

The future of fieldwork for the digital utility

The whole media storm over Pokémon Go has died down a bit. A few months ago, you couldn’t step out of the house without seeing kids looking for dragons and golden eggs in shopping malls. It never appealed to me as a pastime, but it did get me thinking about applications and augmented reality for field service workers.…