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Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Global Financial Services, Atos

Remco is the Group Chief Digital Officer for Financial Services. Alongside his team of industry directors, Remco works on major digital transformation projects in Financial Services. Remco’s particular areas of focus include Customer Experience, Operational Transformation, Trust & Compliance and Business Reinvention — ranging from developing new data-driven business models through to Cloud strategy. He is also responsible for the Atos Group FinTech strategy and go-to-market approach to working with innovative start-up companies, including the Atos Global Fintech Program. More info: atos.net/fintech/home Remco and the team strive to create a bank or insurer for the future: “We believe that bringing together people, businesses and disruptive (FinTech) technology is the way forward. At Atos, we embrace this journey, striving to remain the trusted partner that delivers digital empowerment to our clients.”. He has more than 20 years’ experience in digital business transformation and has spent more than a decade working in Financial Services.

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