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Global Manager Digital Workplace

Ralf is application manager in the internal Global IT department, focusing on Mobility, Portal and User Interfaces. He has a broad interest and experience in IT topics, ranging from ERP implementations, Business Process Design, Application design and Communication Infrastructures. Ralf is also a proud member of the Atos Juniors Group, an international, cross-functional network of young talents participating in a dedicated curriculum and exciting projects that contribute to Atos' global business performance.

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Articles posted by Ralf van Houtem

Smart Dashboard – The technical solution isn’t your only challenge

You have read blogs from Sven and Helene and you are now convinced that you need a “Smart Dashboard”? At Atos, we are too. We actually started this journey last year with a request from a business user and business point of view for something like a Smart Dashboard. In this blog I will share…