About Pierre-Jean Aubourg

Director of Professional Services of Atos Horus IoT Security department

After five years at SYSECA – the IT services subsidiary of the Thomson group (now Thales) – Pierre-Jean Aubourg joined Bull Engineering as head of electronic messaging projects. He contributed to its very first security projects in 2001, and later became Director of the Payments Systems and PKI division in Bull’s security Business Unit. Now acting as Director of Professional Services of the Atos Horus IoT Security Department. In this role, he is responsible for integration services for the Horus product line including MetaPKI and Metasign. Pierre-Jean Aubourg has a higher degree (DESS) in electronics and industrial computing, and is a graduate of the French Ecole des Techniques du Génie Logiciel.

Articles posted by Pierre-Jean Aubourg

Digital signatures: A security imperative for today’s open and fast-paced world

Internet connectivity makes today’s world more open than ever before. Organizations and individuals alike are exposed to new online threats every day. At the same time, we all want to go faster. We want to finalize a contract within minutes or buy something almost instantaneously – and all digitally, and without that…