About Parveen Jaswal

Intelligent Automation, Analytics & AI, and Digital Health Evangelist

Parveen is a digital strategy & transformation enthusiast with over 15 years of rich Business & IT Consulting experience in various industry verticals with a special focus on Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences. He is experienced in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams especially in the area of clinical research and development, to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability leveraging latest technology innovations in the area of Automation, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence. Parveen owns Executive Diploma Certificates from MIT Sloan School of Management and Columbia Business School, and holds multiple professional certifications in the area of Project Management.

Articles posted by Parveen Jaswal

Increasing medicine diversification with digital phenotyping and smart clinical trials

Medicine diversification and value delivery, seen from the healthcare systems, require proofs, data and evidence. Today’s patients are looking for much more than just a pill: their expectations are driven by their consumer attitude and require a comprehensive set of services to simplify their lives.  Highly targeted precision medicines promise better health outcomes, fewer side effects…

Is it possible to increase the flexibility of clinical trial operations while still lowering costs?

The operation of clinical trials covers a broad scope of activities, from protocol compliance and participants’ safety, to data quality and sharing of data. At the same time, the emergence of rare conditions and new kinds of medicines push the boundaries for the coordination and logistics of…