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VP Global Market Telecom & Technology

Oliver Kleinhenz is in charge of the worldwide Sales, Go-to-Market as well as Business Development of the Telecommunication and Technology Submarkets reporting to the EVP in charge of the Telco, Media and Technology vertical at Atos. Oliver leads the development of Atos business in new territories as well as growing the business by winning new logos. Oliver has 20 years of experience in the Telecommunication industry and combines a broad technical knowledge with sound business and management skills and experience. During his career he has held a variety of senior positions covering the entire IT services lifecycle from Lead Generation, (Pre-)Sales, Consulting to delivering System Integration and Managed Services. His areas of expertise include Telecom Business Process as well as Product Catalogue Intimacy, O/BSS Solution knowledge, Sales Strategy Development and Execution expertise, Marketing Management, Operational Pre-Sales and Sales Management as well as IT Service Delivery Management.

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Articles posted by Oliver Kleinhenz

Telcos: analog dollars or digital pennies?

Telcos build business around variations of fixed term and fixed price contracts: we know the score – we buy “family and friends” or “all the data you can eat” or “triple play comms, data and media” packages. This model kind of works for both customers and communication service providers (CSP) - but that is changing.  Think of it in terms of…

Where are telcos heading – and how are they going to get there

Telcos in transformation: connect, converge, create Perhaps more than any other sector, the telco is the embodiment of our digital future.  It is, after all, the services made possible by telcos which define digital experience for most people on the planet. What we take for granted today was barely conceivable…

Workplace 2.0: Where Will the Telecom Industry Take Us Next?

What is a workplace? Though typically considered as a location, increasing numbers of businesses are beginning to deconstruct the concept, breaking it down in to its essential components and quickly concluding that locality has very little to do with it. The best “workplaces”, many believe, may be nothing more than a central point from which…