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I have been employed in the field of ICT since 1988, and gained experience in lots of technologies and roles. Currently I spend almost all of my time working as a software architect and as Dutch competence lead for Java EE and for Android. Besides that, my interest are centered around software quality and software security, software craftsmanship and agile, SaaS and Open Source and Open Standards. I try to keep up-to-date with all of those interests, mostly conceptual, sometimes by going hands-on. Besides my work I like to read, hike and listen to music.

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The app life-cycle management process

More and more companies are going mobile. Just like some 15 years ago, when everyone needed a presence on the web, now everyone needs a presence in one app store or another. In contrast to 15 years ago, however, the technology is much more mature. We can build gorgeous apps - not Angry Birds or Wordfeud, but apps that could help…