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Global Data Protection Officer

Michael Mingers has joined Atos in January 2020 as Group Chief Data Governance Officer. Before he had been working for Worldline for more than 21 years in different positions, finally as their Global Data Protection Officer.

During his career, Michael had the chance to collect experience as Chief Change Officer and as Auditor. As well, he worked in several operational functions like product management for business unit management. Michael has a background in banking, economics and psychology.

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Articles posted by Michael Mingers

Data protection is all about keeping the right balance

It’s been a bit more than 600 days since General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) changed data protection all across Europe – and a bit more than 600 hours since California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) did the same in California and – at least unofficially – way beyond. For me this is a good reason to think…