About Michael Carter

Vice President of Strategic Engagements, Atos North America

As vice president of strategic engagements at Atos North America, Michael Carter is passionate about partnering with organizations to solve and overcome their transformation challenges. He draws from 20 years of IT experience to lead business-first technology programs in Atos’ four core focus areas:

  • Combining innovative solutions with established ones to transform strategic approaches to Business & Platform Solutions.
  • Creating business benefits through intelligent Infrastructure & Data Management.
  • Providing cloud-focused business strategy for core processes in Cloud & Enterprise Software.
  • Enabling business differentiation by combining elements of Big Data & Security.

Over the years, he has seen the big conversations change from decreasing costs to increasing value. By bringing together the right people, business models and technology platforms, Carter enjoys helping businesses turn those conversations into action – giving them more business value from technology.

Connect with him on https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeldcarter/. His network is always open, and he enjoys making new acquaintances.

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