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Innovation Manager

Maxime is head of Digital Banking innovation at equensWorldline. With more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing digital services for the public service and finance sectors, he focuses on identifying emerging uses, business and technologies to provide value-added services to end users and banking players. Aware of the possibilities but also of the complexity brought by technology, Maxime is also working to facilitate the adoption of new uses by taking advantage of emerging technologies such as chatbots, conversational agents, mobile UX and artificial intelligence.

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Articles posted by Maxime Capelle

Chatbot opportunities in retail and banking

Conversational chatbots are becoming a familiar part of our everyday lives. More and more industries are deploying them – including the retail and banking sectors. We explore what chatbots are, why brands are deploying them, and what the future holds. What are chatbots? Simply put, chatbots are software programs that use technologies such AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and…