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Chief Operating Officer, Atos Benelux & the Nordics

After his Bachelor degree in Business Economics Martin started his career at Siemens in the Netherlands in 1999. In several divisions and functions, e.g. as Business Controller or Financial Manager, he gained strong Financial, Sales and Management Skills. In 2007 Martin took over an international assignment with Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH and moved to Germany, to work as Regional Operations Manager and Commercial Project Manager. Following the Atos merger in 2011 Martin worked as Chief Financial Officer for the Global Siemens Account before he moved on as Chief Operating Officer for C&SI Germany being responsible for more than 500m revenue p.a.. In his previous roles he developed deep business expertise, strong execution skills as well as a passionate and clear leadership style. In 2016 Martin joined Atos Benelux & The Nordics as Chief Operating Officer.

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Articles posted by Martin Schoenmakers

The role of the COO in the digital era

Companies that are committed to transforming their business through digitalization must adapt their business model to the changing market. We’ve seen Uber revolutionise the taxi travel in cities the world over, as well as it starting to take the food industry by storm with its Uber Eats service. Meanwhile, mobile-only banking apps, such as Monzo and…