About Mark McFadyen

Financial Crime Assurance Director, Atos UK and Ireland

Mark is an experienced, Chartered Accountant, with over 20 years financial services experience. Mark started his career in London working in both accounting and cyber security for the big 4 firm KPMG. Mark has worked in the UK and Asia with Prudential supporting life and pensions products. In addition, Mark has also held a number of senior roles as Financial Crime Director for the UK payment body FFA UK, CISO for RBS commercial banking and Head of Fraud for RBS Retail Bank.

Articles posted by Mark McFadyen

New strategies for meeting regulatory demands

The avalanche of new regulatory change continues at pace. The cycle of ‘more regulatory demands, more people, more projects, more cost’ rolls on. However, there are strategies that can help financial services companies to manage the economics of regulatory compliance. A strategic decision to appoint a specialist long-term partner means that companies facing similar demands don’t have to tackle these problems…