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Operations Director – Digital Railway, Siemens Rail Automation UK

Mark is the Operations Director Digital Rail at Siemens Mobility, UK. For 30 years Mark has developed and delivered safety-critical train control systems, working on a variety of main line and mass transit projects. For the past ten years Mark has focused on the implementation of new technologies that bring significant benefits to the railway and its customers, through the use of digitalization of command, control and signaling systems. Most recently Mark has played a leading role in the delivery of the Thameslink/London Bridge upgrade project which has seen the introduction of multiple new technologies on one of London’s busiest lines, using network-based interlockings, trackside and train carried train protection systems, a new approach to control of the railway and, for the first time on the UK main line network, automated driving of the trains. Mark’s current work is based on the use of digitalization to unlock capacity and increase reliability, flexibility and predictability of the network, leading one the UK’s most experienced and talented teams in the use of safety-critical electronics, complex software solutions and predictive analytics.

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