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Project Manager Business Intelligence&Analytics

Mar Barriopedro is Project Manager in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Worldline.

She started her career 28 years ago and she has held positions in various service lines at Atos. Her professional career focuses on Business Intelligence Solutions and she has collaborated in many projects in different Business Areas. Currently leading several projects related to financing and loyalty and her objective is to support customers on their improvement in analytics development. She is passionate about open innovation, new business models and emerging technologies.


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Articles posted by Mar Barriopedro

Business intelligence and analytics evolution should become a company strategy

The business environment is changing and digitalization is boosting demand for analysis. Increasing competition and choice are making it necessary for business to continually attract new consumers.  New products and services are introduced into the market to satisfy consumer needs. Finding efficiencies in business operations are necessary to keep up with the pace. It is…