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CEO BRIM, former Chief Executive, Scottish Business Resilience Centre

Mandy and her team are delivering the first National network of Cyber Resilience Centres for Policing across the UK and she is Chief Executive of Business Resilience International (BRIM).

Already working with UK Policing, BRIM has established the Greater Manchester Centre, the North East Centre and is also now working on the CRC for the East Midlands . Shortly work will begin in CRCs for West Midlands and for South Wales.

Before founding BRIM in 2019, Mandy was the Chief Executive of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for over 9 years, working in direct partnership with the single Police force, Police Scotland and the Scottish Government. In 2014, Mandy established the London Digital Security Centre based on a similar model. Mandy has led numerous initiatives and campaigns in Cyber and is a strong advocate for young skills, especially those of girls and young women interested in a career in STEAM. Mandy has mentored many young people in their cyber careers and is particularly interested in how to make STEAM careers accessible and genuinely exciting to young people. In her last role, working with the students from Abertay University, Mandy conceived a business of ethical hacking students, Curious Frank and this model is now rolling out across the UK.

On announcing her departure from her role as CEO, Mandy received a cross party commendation from the Scottish Parliament for her outstanding contribution to the business sector as well as for her transformational leadership.

As well as leading and delivering the National Programme of Cyber centres for Policing, Mandy is also part of the first Cyber City Deal team in the UK, sits on a number of National Policing initiatives and is working with business leaders to reenergise interest amongst young people in software skills.

In Scotland Mandy chaired the Cyber Expert group, the network of Trusted Security partners, was the only independent Board member of the Scottish Crime Campus and sat on the Serious Organised Crime Force.

Outside of work ,Mandy is an exhibited artist.

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