About Malena Donato

Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant

Malena Donato is a senior Project Manager and Business Consultant, with broad experience in European Research Innovation and Development projects in the Telecommunications and Internet industries. Her expertise focuses on business planning, market analysis, exploitation and dissemination activities. She has been working within Atos Research and Innovation since 10 years. Currently, she’s SMART-FI Project Coordinator and Exploitation Manager in ElasTest and STAMP (all H2020 projects). Previously she worked in FIWARE, XIFI, SUPERSEDE and MARKOS as a business analyst and on market research and commercial exploitation and dissemination activities. Malena is an Innovation and Design Thinking Educator among a team organizing internal workshops on Innovation and Creativity. She has extensive experience as a consultant for market trends on ICT in the fields of Smart Cities, Future of Internet, Software Engineering and testing.

Articles posted by Malena Donato

How the FIWARE Platform Drives Innovation

Technology is moving at lightning speed. With new trends and innovations cropping up on a near daily basis it’s no surprise that some businesses are struggling to keep the pace. Most organisations can see the benefits of these new technologies but too often are left unable to access them. The costs and complexity involved in trying to build new applications from…

Smart Cities and Beyond: How FIWARE is shaping the Smart Society

A concept long developed within science fiction, the idea of a connected city – in which our daily lives are augmented by automated technology – is fast becoming a reality. Captured within the ‘Internet of Things’ umbrella, ‘Smart Cities’ use digital technologies to optimise the efficiency of municipal processes in order to reduce…