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Global deputy head of Insurance, Atos

With more than 25 years in the Financial Services sector, Laurent is an industry expert with a special emphasis on Insurance. Laurent is a former CEO and CMO of large financial and service companies and insurers. Laurent has progressively moved to digital having implemented digital transformation in his senior executive roles, transforming customer experience and operations through technology and change management. He became a digital entrepreneur before joining Atos and continues to invest in and advise insurtechs. Within the Atos Group, he is focusing on supporting major insurers in their transformation, bringing a combination of thought leadership and transformation experience, to transform in-depth business models, customer experience and operations through technology, digital and customer focus.

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Articles posted by Laurent Gibert

Digital meets Physical: Insights as to what insurers need to consider to leverage IoT

The potential of IoT IoT has all the right characteristics to transform insurance thoroughly. It offers data, real-time, with little room for fraud in claims and limited hassle: all things that are treasured by insurers. Many segments and many uses are impacted:   Chronic diseases management, prescription management, ambulatory…