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Strategic Technology Manager, Innovation Office Technology & Standards and member of the Scientific Community

Karl Klaghofer is Strategic Technology Manager at Unify Producthouse in Munich, Germany and member of the Atos Scientific Community and Atos Distinguished Expert since 2017. Karl is working for this company and its predecessors, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Siemens AG, since more than 20 years. Positions were mostly in technical domains, such as CTO Office, Systems Engineering, Technical Planning and Standardization. Focus of Karl`s work has been and is the further development of our Unify Communication and Collaboration product portfolio to keep it state of the art technology and standards wise. He heads virtual Unify communities with architects and system engineers from all Unify product groups. Karl holds 50+ granted or filed patent families and is also member of the Unify IP Factory, its internal patent committee. Karl is Austrian and grew up near Vienna. He is married, has two sons and is living in Munich, which is a perfect place for him for combining his interests such as sports like cycling, hiking, skiing, nature and technology.

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