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Global Head of Atos|Syntel for Telco, Media & Technology (TMT) & Atos Distinguished Expert

Julien has been with Atos for almost 8 years and has been active in the industry for almost 25 years. He moved into the role of Global Head of Atos|Syntel for TMT in August 2020, as well as looking after the region Benelux & The Nordics (BTN) for Atos|Syntel since November 2019. Prior to that he was Global Head of Codex in 2018 and 2019, responsible for the company-wide capability, the portfolio (including IoT, Analytics, BI, AI and Cognitive) and the overall go-to-market. Before that he led the Global Digital Practice as well as other (sub)practices.

Julien grew up in several countries (Hong Kong, Germany, Cyprus, Norway, and his native UK), gained an Honours degree at the University of Surrey, then moved to the Netherlands, where he’s lived since 1995. He is a big rugby fan, playing it most of his life, although he hung up his boots a while ago, taking up boxing instead.

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