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Jorge heads up the specialist 15-strong Atos team of utilities fraud specialists. The team’s primary focus on electricity has recently been extended to address the emerging problem of consumer fraud in gas. By coordinating industry expertise with statistical modelling and data analytics, the team has established a strong position in this specialist field.

Articles posted by Jorge Gonzalez Hernando

Powering e-mobility forward: critical opportunities for energy and utility companies

Key to society’s vision of a decarbonized world is the mass shift to e-mobility, supported by governments’ targets to take fossil fuel-engine cars off the road in the coming decades. This is creating a new market for energy & utility companies, who have a unique role to play in the evolving e-mobility ecosystem.…

E-vehicles and utilities: It’s time to accelerate business models

There’s no doubt that e-vehicles are the transport of the future. While adoption rates may currently be disappointing, their future is looking bright. What’s more, they will bring a wealth of opportunities to a wide variety of stakeholders – from vehicle manufactures on the one hand to smart home manufacturers on the other, from start-up…

Catching shadows: fighting fraud in utilities

Fraud is a big business. Non-technical losses, which always seems a very euphemistic way to describe theft, cost European utility companies around €3.7 billion every year. This figure includes the value of electricity used without payment, but it does not include the additional costs related to tracking down fraudsters, damages compensation, or legal proceedings. The incentive to improve detection is not just…