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Senior Project Manager

Jordi Rodrigo is a Senior Project Manager with over 25 years experience in Major Events. He has participated in many major events projects and has many years of experience in integration and operations management. He is an expert in IT Project management and Systems Integration management. He is experienced in defining, setting up, organizing and running complex operations under serious time and budget constraints. Recent assignment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games as Systems Integration Manager. As a Senior Consultant and Project Manager Jordi Rodrigo has actively been involved in various big Sport Events like the Olympic Games, FIFA WorldCup, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games. Currently he is working as Games Results Systems (GRS) Product Manager.

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Putting Rio 2016 to the test

As we learnt in our last post, beaming the Rio 2016 Olympic Games results out to the world in less than a second for billions of viewers watching on TV, online and mobile devices requires an incredible amount of work behind the scenes. That’s on top of managing the recruitment and training of 70,000 volunteers and processing over 300,000 accreditations for…