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Chief Technology Officer, Southern Europe, Atos

Frédéric Malicki is CTO for the Southern Europe RBU. He is responsible for bringing innovation and thought technology leadership in the region and supporting growth in our accounts. He has more than twenty years of experience in IT service delivery, solution architecture and consulting. Frédéric joined Atos in 2019 as CTO for IDM France. Prior to Atos, he worked for DXC Technology and HPE where he acted as a Client Executive, Account Delivery Executive, Solution Architect and SAP Consultant and worked for key accounts in France and EMEA. He is recognized as a dynamic team leader, able to rapidly adapt and comfortable with complexity. Frédéric holds an IT Master degree from the ISEN School of Engineering.

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Articles posted by Frédéric Malicki

GAIA-X: Strengthening privacy and security with new standards and certifications

After defining European standards for cloud computing, GAIA-X will deliver its first solutions by the end of 2021, enabling industrial collaboration around data in complete trust for every sector. If you’re not familiar with the term, GAIA-X is a consortium of representatives from European business, science and government. Together, they are working to…

GAIA-X: How data sharing ecosystems offer a new source of value

We all too often treat data as property that needs to be jealously hoarded and protected. But to fully exploit its value, we need to move to an era of fair data in which trustworthy data sharing ecosystems draw out new sources of value. In this blog, I explore five diverse examples…