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Franck leverages on a 35-year rich experience within the Group (Bull and then Atos) and 10 different roles in various IT areas from development to infrastructures through security, networks … covering technical, management, business, technical expertise and consulting roles… in France and abroad (with a special mention to Sub-Saharan Africa). Franck is today in charge of Internet of Things for Atos in France ; he also hosts internal and external ecosystems around innovation and connected objects. Franck initiated the e-belt project and is now approaching the next stages (industrialization and launch of the solution) with the same passion and enthusiasm. Beyond the economic aspects which are key for the continuity of the project, the main satisfaction of all those who contributed to its success will be when e-belt will help to save lives.

Articles posted by Franck Potiez

Tracking transport with smart seat belts

Waving your children goodbye on the school bus can be a daunting experience, without the knowledge that they’ve arrived safely for their lessons each morning. This was a situation I regularly found myself in a few years ago as a father to two young children, and as a result, I decided to take advantage of the growing Internet of Things trend…