About Elizabeth Post

Marketing Analyst, EcoAct North America

Liz joined the EcoAct Marketing team in January 2022. As the point Marketing representative in North America, Liz is focused on sharing EcoAct’s stories and accomplishments with a broader audience. Primarily, she works to elevate EcoAct’s mission to help organizations to meet the demands of the Paris Agreement in line with the 1.5 degree trajectory. Liz is based in New York.

Articles posted by Elizabeth Post

EcoAct’s prescription for net-zero biopharma

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public attention to healthcare, resulting in an increased demand for transparency in the biopharmaceutical industry. Climate-wise, the industry is carbon intensive.According to a study published in 2019, the pharmaceutical industry’s emission intensity is about 55% higher than the automotive industry, despite its smaller size. As a result, companies’ emission reduction pledges and net-zero commitments are given…