About Dr. Neeta Bhatia

Dr. Neeta P. Bhatia, Senior Consultant, Healthcare Practice

A physician by education, Neeta is recognized for her application of clinical knowledge and business domain expertise to conceptualize domain-focused digital solution strategies to solve business problems in the healthcare and life sciences space. With a career spanning over more than 17 years across the healthcare value chain, Dr Neeta joined the healthcare technology space in 2007 and since then has made significant profound contributions in the digital health solutions space. She was a key member of the team that built a Medical Necessity Claim-Denial prediction model using AI to prevent revenue leakage, besides contributing to digital solutions enabling remote patient monitoring, care navigation and smart clinical trials. Presently, as Lead of Digital Health Solutions (Provider) for Atos|Syntel, Neeta serves as a senior consultant on multiple intelligent automation projects in healthcare and life sciences.

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