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Executive Consultant at Atos Consulting

Bas Stroeken is an Executive Consultant at Atos Consulting. He is the pillar lead within Consulting Benelux & the Nordics for the Digital Workplace.

Bas started his career many years ago as a marketing trainee at Unilever, and subsequently spent 10 years in marketing in the UK, The Netherlands, and Hungary working for Unilever, PepsiCo, and Sara Lee. His interest in consumer behavior transitioned toward employee behavior during a four-year spell in Budapest where a state-owned coffee company was transformed to a P&L driven organization.

Within the Digital Workplace team Bas’ principal interest is in looking to bring value to the employee, whether that be through a better user experience, improved collaboration, or personal productivity. From his perspective the dialogue is often too narrow, focusing only on technology push and not on a true integral vision of the workplace. It’s his personal mission to boost employee-centric thinking, for which the employee journeys are an excellent starting point.

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