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Global Head FS&I Portfolio Services, FS&I Industry CTO – Digital Transformation Partner

Personifying the Thomas Edison quote, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it,” Bart has made a name for himself as someone who can translate ideas into results that deliver performance, productivity and profitability for his organization, his clients and their customers.

In his current role at Atos as CTO and Global Head of Financial Service & Insurance portfolio, he leads the redesign and development of the industry-specific solutions portfolio and go-to-market strategy that elevate the Atos brand, drive higher profitability across our accounts and create new opportunities for Atos sellers to expand the Atos market share. Prior to Atos, he held various positions at EMC (now Dell) working with customers to onboard and drive adoption of new technologies. More recently at Dell, he built a highly profitable DevOps practice from the ground up. As the practice matured, he moved into a strategic role in which he influenced Dell’s broader infrastructure automation strategy that ultimately served as the foundation for its entry into the SaaS market.

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The Nightmare at ISO 20022 Standards Street

What about ISO 20022 is really keeping you awake at night? If you are like many financial institutions, you are eagerly awaiting ISO 20022 so that your customers and partners will have to start sending you richer, better structured data and payment messages in a single, globally consistent standard. ISO 20022 will minimize the need for complicated messaging hubs…