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UX & Design Team Manager at Worldline, Worldline UX Expert and Atos HMI Expert

Aurora Font is User Experience and Design Team Manager at Mobile Competence Center in Barcelona, member of Atos HMI Expert and Worldline UX Expert.

Her professional career is the evolution of more than 18 years cooperating with companies in the success of their digital strategy; identifying user needs and suggesting the most efficient solutions.

She is specialized in User-Centered Design process on mobility environment and focused on providing intuitive and easy-to-use products.

As a UX Consultant her main fields of expertise are usability and inclusive user experience (iUX); information architecture and interaction design. She is also a strong advocate of Agile methodologies, Scrum and Lean UX, and the inclusion of UX design process in their regular flow to build products.

Aurora is postgraduate in Infonomia: Advanced Information Management in Organizations.

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