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15-17th September 2021

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About CompBioMed Conference 2021

Atos and our partner Intel is proud to be a sponsor of the CompBioMed Conference 2021, which will be held across 15-17th September. The conference will address all aspects of the rapidly growing domain of computational biomedicine, from genome through organ to whole human and population levels with the theme being ‘Building the virtual human’.

The CompBioMed conference will provide access to presentations of top speakers in the field of Computational Biomedicine, and interactions with companies and project teams on their virtual booths- including chat function, useful links and downloadable materials.

CompBioMed and Atos

CompBioMed is a European Commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications.

As a member of the consortium, Atos helps optimize simulation applications using high performance computing (HPC) capabilities to process vast, complex data and edge computing facilities to take processed data and turn it into real-time visualizations that are accurate and intricate at every scale.

CompBioMed Conference 2021

15-17 September, 2021 10-5 CET (9-4 GMT)

Featured Speakers

Jieyi Li
Student at Amsterdam Business School undertaking a PhD program, co-sponsored by Atos

Topic: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of CT2S screening for osteoporosis

As part of this session, Jieyi Li who is a part of the Atos PhD program, will give insights into his work on “Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of CT2S screening for osteoporosis in Dutch postmenopausal women”. This includes an effectiveness analysis of the new osteoporosis screening tool (CT2S) and a comparison with standard methodologies (DXA), both on effectiveness and costs.

Dr. Crispin Keable
HPC systems architect & Atos Distinguished Expert

Topic: The value of Exascale

Dr Keable’s talk covers Exascale systems that will have a significant impact on society, with a focus on the life sciences, but also referencing earth sciences and decarbonization communities. He will share insights on the motivation behind this technology, as well as impact, hardware challenges and comparisons to other technologies.

Related insights

Ramon y Cajal

University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid, Spain is renowned for its intense research and teaching activity. At the metabolic disease’s referral unit of this hospital, clinicians and researchers work together to find new ways to diagnose and treat patients more efficiently using genomics sequencing. High performance computing and big data analytics from Atos and NetApp are key enablers in this process.

National Center for Biotechnology

The Biocomputing Unit at the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology (CNB), part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is using Atos’ supercomputing resource to produce a refined 3D model of the SARS-Cov2 spike protein to help in the development of a vaccine.

Natalia Jiménez Lozano

Head of Atos Life Science Center of Excellence

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