University of Vienna

Enabling communication anywhere on any device

Industry: Research and education
Region: Vienna Austria
HQ: Vienna
Company size: approx. e 10.000 employees and 90.000 students

The University of Vienna is the biggest and best-known university in Austria

With some 92,000 students and 9,500 employees the University of Vienna is also the largest university in German-speaking countries. It was founded in 1365 and has 188 faculties in 60 locations all around Vienna.

The challenge

In December 2010, the university launched a tender among all major IT and telecommunications vendors in Austria to provide a complete UC solution for 7,000 to 10,000 end users, which was won by Atos (Unify). The goal was to replace the old system with a modern communications system. A complete solution was designed and implemented by Atos to dramatically improve functionality and mobility while ensuring services were more reliable, manageable and flexible. This included 40 sites.

The use of communication services is constantly changing. International users are becoming increasingly mobile and use different devices with different software. To ensure that access is possible from anywhere and on any device, Atos was contracted by the University of Vienna in December 2020 for another 3 years to provide support for the TC infrastructure. In addition, Atos will integrate MS teams and upgrade to the latest OpenScape version.

The solution

After designing and implementing a modern end-to-end solution for the university, Atos will also integrate MS teams and upgrade to OpenScape Version 10 in the future.

Technical details:

  • OpenScape V10
  • OpenScape Deskphones (OpenStage 60) & OpenScape Soft Clients
  • OpenScape UC application
  • OpenScape Xpressions (voicemail & fax)
  • Exchange integration, OpenScape Contact Center for up to 100 agents, 700 cell phones integrated via OpenScape Unified Communications & Web Collaboration for 50 users
  • OpenScape Accounting
  • OpenScape Concierge
  • OpenScape DLS.

Business benefit

The university now has a state-of-the-art IP communications system that was rolled out in a flexible, modular manner. By supporting “bring your own device” users and giving them control over where and how they communicate, the system has significantly decreased management and maintenance overhead costs, dramatically improved functionality, and enabled full mobility.

The detailed advantages are:

  • Professional design of the telecommunications according to the organizational requirements of the users
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Optimal integration of user software
  • Compliance with security requirements

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