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Hybrid mail solution gives hospital a more intelligent paper trail

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“The pandemic radically changed how we work, but one thing that didn’t change was our ability to continue sending letters to patients. We simply scaled up our Hybrid Mail Service to quickly provide all users with secure, easy-to-use offsite printing and mailing. Our users love the Hybrid Mail Service”

Stefan McLaren,
Senior Project Manager, UCLH

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) provides acute and specialist services in six hospitals, admitting more than 156,000 patients each year. Recently, the Trust has taken impressive steps and made significant investments in digital transformation to make patient care safer and more effective. Working with Atos and Xerox, the Trust took the next step by implementing an efficient hybrid mail service that increases efficiency and provides a secure, scalable communication channel. By integrating the solution with electronic health records, UCLH has reduced manual work and reliance on onsite printers, while giving patients the best possible communication experience.

The challenge

UCLH sends over one million appointment and clinical outcome letters to patients each year. Letter creation has already been moved to a modern electronic health record system (EHRS) from Epic, but the Trust wanted to take steps to make printing and mailing faster, easier and more cost effective.

Through automation and offsite handling, UCLH aimed to eliminate several time-consuming manual processes for clinicians, patient booking teams and other staff.

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The solution

Atos and UCLH chose the Xerox® Hybrid Mail Service to address these challenges. Together, they set up a pilot for 35 users from a UCLH patient booking team.

Instead of printing letters in-house, they were sent electronically to a Xerox facility. There, the letters were securely printed, placed in envelopes and franked for collection.

When COVID-19 lockdowns occurred, UCLH was able to quickly scale-up the service for its entire organization.

Business benefit

The solution has paid off in numerous ways. Because it is integrated with EHRs, staff can easily print remotely without additional training.

Efficiency has increased with automated printing and mailing, and automatic “undeliverable” notifications have improved quality. It has reduced waste and increased flexibility, enabling staff to review letters anywhere and catch errors prior to printing.

Most importantly, UCLH has advanced its digital agenda while providing a great patient experience.

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