SCORPION Combat Information System (SICS)

Enabling operational superiority through shared situational awareness on the battlefield

At a glance

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has embarked on a rationalization of its operational information systems (OIS) to equip tactical land forces with a unified information system designed by Atos.


  • Secure and easy information exchange within tactical command.
  • Visualization of tactical situations.
  • Task automation.
  • Unequalled fluidity.

“SCORPION is a structural program for the French Army. It addresses one of the main priorities in the White Paper on Defense: upgrading the resources available to land forces.”

Directorate General of Armaments

About the SCORPION Programme and Atos

The SCORPION Programme aims to transform the French Army’s contact combat capabilities in order to adapt to new tactical challenges. Better protected and more mobile, all the systems developed within the framework of the Programme and equipping France’s joint battle groups are also fully connected and share combat information instantaneously.

Atos developed SICS, the unified information system at the heart of SCORPION, to federate and exploit this combat information. This enables secured and instantaneous information sharing on the battlefield.

The challenge of a command system is to deliver in an immediately understandable and exploitable form, in guaranteed time, the information useful to the person who will decide and lead the action (e.g., command orders, evacuation requests).

Data at the heart of the battlefield

Replacing the DGA’s old systems, SICS covers the needs of France’s combined arms battle groups (GTIA – groupement tactique interarmes). It allows, according to tactical requirements, the exchange of information necessary for the conduct of operations, and the visualization and presentation of the tactical situation; all in a secure manner.

The SCORPION Combat Information System (SICS) now offers combatants a system designed for them, which is easy to use, intuitive, ergonomic and robust. SICS automates many tasks and provides unparalleled fluidity of exchanges between the different levels of tactical command.

Enhancing the operational capability of the battle groups

With Atos, French Army units now have an information system that gives them real tactical superiority. SICS is a true command weapon, giving them an operational advantage. It enables the sharing of trusted situations, which makes it possible to gain the upper hand over the opposing forces on the battlefield.

Delivering useful information as quickly as possible

SICS allows the sharing, in reflex time, of a complete tactical situation such as Blue Force Tracking, information on the enemy and on the tactical situation, etc. This information is provided via current (Thales PR4G) and future (CONTACT) tactical radios or any other means of communication.

SICS allows the networking of all resources to make acquisition systems (sensors) communicate with weapon systems. It offers native interoperability with systems at higher echelons and with allied forces.

SICS is a global system:

It’s a unique operational information system deployed from the combat vehicle to the GTIA’s PC (command post).

It brings together combatants and weapon systems, enables the instant transmission and sharing of tactical information.

It’s compatible with the equipment deployed in the forces.

SICS gives a new dimension to joint combat and the digitized battle space.

Sharing information safely

Leveraging its expertise in mission-critical systems and security technologies, and its ability to implement complex solutions in heterogeneous environments, the Atos agile approach hardens civilian technologies to meet defense needs.

while controlling lifetime costs

The DGA was convinced by this approach, which makes it possible to offer modernized ergonomics and scalable functionalities within a controlled budget. The use of open technologies will reduce the cost of ownership of the tactical operational system and will adapt to future needs. This partnership, renewed for 12 years in 2021, allows DGA to take into account new needs and integrate them as they arise.

in the next era’s battlefield

Developed to adapt to the constraints of combatants, SICS is used today by land forces and tomorrow by air-land forces. With SICS, the French Army and its 77,000 combat personnel are fully entering the era of the info-centric and info-operated battlefield.

Focus on the mission

The SICS command system delivers immediately understandable information that’s useful to leaders taking military action. SICS also makes it possible, through a user interface adapted to operational needs, to automate tasks and to make them transparent for the user.

The simple learning curve, fast training and maintenance of skills thus improve the usability of the system and contribute to the enhancement of the operational efficiency of the French land forces.

What’s next

The French Army has started deploying SICS in all units, working with Atos on regular updates for continuous improvement. Atos is also developing functionally enhanced versions of SICS to extend collaborative combat, in addition to maintaining the entire system’s operational condition for the next 12 years.

Why Atos for a battle management system

Atos is a key digital supplier to the defense industry, supporting force coordination, decision support and operational readiness.

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