Securing the Internet-of-Things

Industry: Telecom
Region: France
Headquarters: Paris, France
Company size: 9,200 employees

“By partnering with Atos, Objenious has been able to design and implement France’s first highly-secure LoRa network. This means our IoT solutions deliver both top-performance and exceptional security.”

Philippe Cola
Core Network Senior Architect, Bouygues Telecom

By 2020, Bouygues Telecom estimates there will be between one and two billion connected objects in France


Bouygues Telecom established Objenious in 2014, in recognition of the growing social and business importance of the Internet-of-Things.

Objenious application areas include smart cities, healthcare, agriculture and logistics. Security is critical: one crippling cyber-attack could bring activity in any of these areas to a standstill.

Bouygues Telecom chose Atos as their specialist security partner in this critical business area, protecting the connected objects using the LoRa network protocol. The LoRa network protocol is a long range and low-power wireless platform. It is fast-becoming the prevailing choice of IoT network developers.

The challenge


A recent IDC study shows 70% of European tech buyers see the IoT as transformational or strategic. This is matched by similarly high levels of concern for security.

In offering IoT networks and services, Bouygues Telecom needed to present a convincing and demonstrable approach to security.

Point solutions were no good to Bouygues Telecom. They needed a platform which would allow them to respond to any security concerns with a confident “end-to-end” approach.

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The solution


It was natural for Bouygues Telecom to turn to Atos as they offered a solution compliant with LoRa network standards.

Atos showed how their Horus security platform spans the most extensive IoT ecosystems. Horus could comfortably handle the vast quantities of security data generated by millions of IoT devices.

Perhaps most importantly, Horus generates and manages security keys in real-time. This eliminates the need for stored keys, and thus disarms this critical IoT point of attack.

Business benefit


Specialist teams from Atos and Bouygues Telecom worked in close partnership to design, implement and roll-out the Horus security architecture.

Bouygues Telecom needed the managed security solution implemented in lock-step with their fast-growing business. The network already covers over 85% of national territory, with full coverage anticipated.

In working closely with the LoRa Alliance, Atos and Bouygues Telecom are ideally positioned to ensure that every new technical and operational release is efficiently incorporated into the Horus security solution.

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