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Mega Brokers unified its communications for next-level customer service

At a glance

The largest insurance agency in Greece, Mega Brokers, adopted Atos Unify OpenScape Business across its offices to streamline operations with expanded features while reducing costs and always exceeding customer expectations.


  • Created a network that improved call distribution and agent availability between offices
  • Enabled free-of-charge internal calls between offices
  • Consolidated five ISDN lines down to one
  • Expanded agents’ communications toolkits

Mega Brokers

Mega Brokers is one of the leading providers of insurance and financial products in Greece. The 30-year-old enterprise has a network of about 1,330 brokers, agents and consultants who provide tailored and widely specialized solutions to more than 240,000 clients.

Our mission is to excel in everything we do and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client. Our clients are at the heart of what we do!” – Mega Brokers

Keeping the promise: Contact an insurance agent anytime

Mega Brokers has always strived to achieve its mission by providing the highest levels of customer support. Simply put, a customer must be able to contact an insurance agent anytime. This promise requires the agents, established in three offices, to handle various customer issues efficiently and quickly, with the support of internal departments.

Exceptional customer support for all customers

Mega Brokers’ three offices are in Athens where a committed team of 60 professionals has a clear mission: “Excel in everything we do and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client. Our clients are at the heart of what we do!”

With those high standards in mind, Mega Brokers began looking for a new communication solution that would accomplish six key objectives:

      1. Create a network between offices to enable efficient internal communication and call distribution across locations for higher availability and better customer support.
      2. Decrease the costs of external and cross-location telephone calls.
      3. Enable better call handling and customer support with the use of unified communications (UC) applications for all agents.
      4. Connect the new system to its customer database.
      5. Support the connection of remote agents to the telephone system.
      6. Ensure continuous, trouble-free operations.

The new communication solution also had to be IP-based, reliable and unified.

Ticking boxes from the start

Together with Madacom, its integration partner, Mega Brokers selected Atos Unify OpenScape Business, an all-in-one, IP-based telephony and UC solution that met all the requirements. Madacom implemented the solution in the three offices with no interruptions to ongoing business processes.

The OpenScape Business X8 model was installed in the two larger offices, while the smaller X5R model was preferred for the smaller office. Then, all offices were networked. Atos Unify OpenScape IP desk phones and the Unify myPortal for Outlook application were implemented together to support insurance agents’ daily operations.

As a license is required for connecting databases to phone systems, Mega Brokers opted for the Unify OpenDirectory connector license.

Objectively speaking … or messaging or faxing

Atos Unify OpenScape Business helped Mega Brokers achieve its objectives. The networking of OpenScape Business systems enabled free-of-charge internal calls between the offices. And the use of one E1 primary rate interface (PRI) line — instead of 5 various lines — improved the company’s bottom line. If needed, more remote offices can be easily integrated into the Mega Brokers network in the future.

One of the key objectives was fulfilled by the use of the UC application myPortal for Outlook. It gives agents useful features such as networkwide presence and call status, detailed call journals, favorites lists, instant messaging, click-to-dial and fax-to-email — all integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

These UC features can be used by agents within the network as well as by remote agents with the myPortal to go app for smartphones. Remote agents can also use the direct inward system access (DISA) callback feature in order to make calls using (and charging) the company lines from their homes. DISA callback proved to be very important during COVID lockdowns.

Together with the connection of the customer database to the telephone system, the UC features enabled better call handling and facilitated customer service.

Why Atos Unify OpenScape

Easy to deploy and easy to use, the Atos Unify OpenScape Business voice platform offers full UC functionality in a single, affordable and manageable solution. It’s an all-in-one platform for secure and scalable communications in any small or midsized deployment, up to 500 subscribers as a standalone system and 2,000 subscribers in a networked scenario.

Learn more about Atos Unify OpenScape Business here.

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