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Digital healthcare: doing more with less

Industry: Healthcare
Region: U.S.

Healthcare IT company simplifies data center operations, builds efficiencies for the future


If your doctor shows you an MRI on a mobile device or prescribes your medication electronically, those technological capabilities come from a specialized healthcare IT services company. One of the largest of these companies in the United States gets its managed IT services from Atos.

The challenge


Atos put its healthcare experience and data center innovations into a proposal that would:

  • Migrate three data centers to Atos
  • Provide 12 percent savings in 4.5 years
  • Address storage definition and backup pricing pain points
  • Present a roadmap for efficiencies through automation
  • Identify synergies for future efficiencies.

The two companies came to an accord and began putting key components in motion for what will be Atos’ largest implementation of Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud in North America.

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The solution


The biggest efficiencies in a project like this generally come from standardization and automation — assisted by service orchestration, hybrid cloud, data backup, artificial intelligence and analytics.

  • Standardization and consolidation
  • Automated service orchestration
  • Orchestrated hybrid cloud
  • Collaborative data backup
  • Cognitive and autonomic support
  • One source for reporting
  • Visual service journeys.

Business benefit


When the consolidations and standardizations are complete, the healthcare company will be doing even more with less. It’ll have a smaller data center footprint and lower costs. And it will be well positioned to advance its client services in the future through the IT foundations it partnered with Atos to build:

  • A digital onramp to global markets through hybrid, private and public clouds
  • Packaged cybersecurity offerings that protect patient data and create additional revenue streams
  • Atos analytics tools and data science expertise to speed the analysis of dataintensive genomics and population health information
  • More options for health record archiving and third-party hosting services.

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