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IoT and real-time data analytics to transform car insurance business

A global insurance company has harnessed the Internet of Things and real-time data analytics to transform its car insurance business.


As changes happen along the value chain between car manufacturers, fleet leasers and insurers, the company is committed to offering its customers added-value services. With Atos’ help, this global insurance company´s innovative Pay-How-You-Drive (PHYD) car insurance scheme, combined with a connected fleet management service, is revolutionizing commercial car insurance. Drivers get better value; safer driving is promoted; fleet managers can optimize their assets and reduce their insurance premiums; while our customer is improving its bottom line.

The challenge


In a disrupted industry, our customer´s strategy was to shift from payer to partner to win customers while better managing its insurance risk. Its ambition was to implement an innovative connected fleet management solution that could harness data to improve its margins while differentiating our customer by giving commercial customers and drivers the benefits of new added-value services. Based on Atos’ advanced IoT and data analytics solutions, this global insurance company asked Atos to help.

The solution


By deploying the Atos Codex Connected Vehicle Platform, together with an ecosystem of partners, Atos created a trusted digital solution that stores real-time data from each vehicle’s telematics and enriches it with environmental and contextual information (trip start/end, distance, fuel consumed, acceleration patterns and so on). Using rich datasets, fleet owners can better control their operations and our customer can compute the PHYD score and best insurance premium for each driver.

Business benefit


PHYD and connected fleet management bring multiple benefits for insurers and customers:

  • Enhanced safety, by rewarding safer drivers and fleet managers through lower premiums
  • Optimized fleets and lower costs, with accurate mileage counting, fuel tracking and better maintained vehicles
  • Cost reductions for insurers, through lower risks, tighter controls and safer driving.

With a 30,000-vehicle rollout planned, our customer´s highly successful pilot phase delivered:

    • 9/10 customer satisfaction scores
    • 24% fewer accidents
    • 12% lower fuel consumption.

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