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A global European Bank’s Digitalization Hub is its engine for innovation and digital transformation, with Atos as a trusted key partner and advisor.


Atos plays a critical role in delivering the Bank’s digital ambitions, providing best-in-class mobile and online banking experiences to its customers.

With a focus on speed, innovation and deep interaction with the Bank’s business users, Atos leverages the expertise of its agile teams in its headquarters and across its global networks. The results? A range of secure and engaging digital experiences for the Bank’s customers, with accelerated development times and a highly flexible high-performing delivery model for the Bank.

The challenge


With rising customer demand and the need to retain the Bank’s vital competitive edge, Atos’ challenge was to field a high-performing team at the heart of the Digitalization Hub.

Atos’ objectives were to support the Bank’s digital journey and deliver intuitive and engaging mobile and online banking services for the Bank’s customers across multiple devices. All this had to be done through agile working and a flexible delivery model.

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The solution


Atos leverages global capabilities to support the Bank’s digital journey.

Atos delivers web and mobile development, with support from its resources in Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Switzerland and India. Atos’ teams manage and coordinate the Bank’s demand for digital while supporting the Bank’s operations. Atos ensures deep interaction with the Bank’s business users and only fields experts who embody the principles of agile: a flexible mindset, teamwork and lateral thinking.

Business benefit


  • Atos enables the Bank to provide secure best-in class digital banking experiences to its customers on any device.
  • Atos’ flexible delivery model enables the Bank to scale resources as needed.
  • Atos’ testing and monitoring services ensure that applications are robust and compliant.
  • The standard release cycle for new functionality is just one month, enabling the Bank to accelerate new functionalities such as Apple Pay.

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