Global agricultural company

Modernizes with worldwide server refresh

Industry: Chemicals
Region: Global

A leading international agrochemical company updates operating systems and critical operational server applications with Atos Life Cycle Management (LCM).


The challenge


Within large corporations, there often exist multiple server OSs and server applications that continue to operate despite being out of support for years. The inevitable result is decreased security, less efficiency and more frequent downtime. For companies with thousands of servers running multiple operating systems−often representing a capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars−maintaining server infrastructure with tools like Atos’ Life Cycle Management (LCM) service is equivalent to scheduling timely oil changes for a luxury vehicle. The ongoing, proactive maintenance provided today mitigates the occurrence of a catastrophic breakdown in the future – ensuring an optimal user experience to manage and protect the company’s business more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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The solution


Many companies neglect to update server OSs and server applications because “things seem to be working fine” or “we don’t want to spend the money.” Atos’ client, a global agricultural corporation, had 6,000 servers that required a systematic process to remediate or upgrade their OS. This is a vital process since each OS version had a finite support life cycle after which the OS vendor would no longer provide support or patches. Atos’ approach to life cycle management provided timely upgrades and remediations for this customer’s servers and applications. In addition to delivering unparalleled satisfaction for the customer, an up-to-date server infrastructure contributed in numerous ways toward a leaner, more efficient operational business environment, which is crucial in managing a huge portfolio of agro-chemical products.

Business benefit


The client has, on numerous occasions, acknowledged that the deployment of the Atos LCM program is a significant direct contributor to remarkable improvements in the operations of its production environment, increases in overall cybersecurity and stability of server farms, and reductions to potential hacker penetrations.

Further, the LCM program has contributed significantly to the overall reduction of problem tickets submitted by application owners and users. Some high-value metrics indicate an 80% improvement in system/OS failures and security vulnerabilities – further amplifying productivity and optimized end-user experience.

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