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European Commission

Atos coordinates FISHY, a European Commission co-funded project that aims at designing, developing, validating and demonstrating a coordinated framework for cyber resilience provisioning to guarantee a trusted supply chain of ICT systems.

FISHY will provide an innovative cyber resilience framework, where complex ICT systems performance in an entire supply chain may be analyzed in terms of security, trust and privacy impact on performance. To this end, FISHY will seamlessly combine advancements in several domains, including, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), intent-based networking, AI-based techniques, and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

The challenge

Cyber-attacks on ICT systems
In 2019 the number of cyber-attacks has increased considerably, and they affect the whole spectrum of service and application domains simultaneously (eHealth, telecom, manufacturing, social media, etc.).

In parallel, the digital transformation makes society more dependent on ICT systems. Today the resilience of these ICT systems is a premium and their ability to continue its operation is expected in the event of a cyber-attack or incident.

The solution

Novel cybersecurity platform
Atos along with FISHY partners will design a novel platform able to securely orchestrate a supply chain consisting of complex ICT systems end-to-end, – from the IoT ecosystem and the edge and cloud infrastructure over to the networking infrastructure connecting -, and enabling functionalities related to risks and vulnerabilities management, accountability and mitigation strategies as well as security metrics and evidence-based security assurance.

This framework will be validated on three use cases from different sectors, namely agriculture, manufacturing and transportation.

Business benefit

Cyber resilience provisioning
The Project FISHY aims at designing, developing, validating and demonstrating a coordinated framework for cyber resilience provisioning to guarantee a trusted supply chain of ICT systems, built upon distributed, dynamic, and often fundamentally insecure and heterogeneous ICT infrastructures.

The platform envisioned not only to facilitating adaptive system reconfigurations, but also reacting to and defying the effects of cyber-attacks in real time of the ICT supply chain end-to-end, and in particular in the IoT domain.

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