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In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Atos assists the Department of Defence through the rapid implementation of a new virtual training solution.


The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Economies have taken strain, and many industries have felt the burden of an impacted workforce. As an agent of Digital Transformation, Atos has assisted the Department of Defence in ensuring its Configuration Management and Asset Management toolset training sessions have continued uninterrupted through these unprecedented times.

The challenge


The Department of Defence has been a longstanding customer for Atos ANZ. With the sudden disruption of Covid-19, the process whereby Atos trainers would deliver face to face training across Australia, came to a complete standstill. As Covid-19 brought about a halt to classroom training, Cloud-based training was the only option.

As Cloud-based specialist engineering and maintenance training had never been attempted, the daunting task of providing system based training for toolsets remotely instead of traditional training, lay ahead.

The solution


Atos provided an innovative system-based training of toolsets. The implementation of the online systems training as opposed to classroom training programmes saw the development of a unique virtual classroom environment replicating the face to face learning environment.

Through the use of online collaboration platforms, Atos has been able to implement all audio, visual and interaction aspects of their virtual classroom environment. Atos has been able to replicate the Virtual Machines to every student’s laptop thereby ensuring the training of Defence can continue in a fully interactive environment and allowing all training content to remain unchanged.

Business benefit


Atos’ swift response to the Covid-19 pandemic meant that within four weeks, training modules went from the traditional location-based training to an online cloud-based solution.

The Cloud-based platform removed the need for both trainers and trainees to travel during these restrictive times. As trainees are unable to be deployed without this specialist training, the online training solution has not only increased the number of trained individuals, but has resulted in Defence being able to maintain the readiness and availability of their front line assets.

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