Cyber Security Network of Competence Centres for Europe

Industry: BDS

Country: Spain

European Commission

Atos participates in CyberSec4Europe, a Research and Innovation Action co-funded by the European Commission bringing together 43 organisations from 22 EU Member States and Associated Countries, with the objective of designing, testing and demonstrating potential governance structures for a future European Cybersecurity Competence Network using best practices. The project addresses key EU Directives and Regulations to boost the security of all citizens of the European Union in their everyday digital transactions. The project demonstration cases will address cybersecurity challenges within the vertical sectors of digital infrastructure, finance, government and smart cities, health and medicine, and transportation.

The challenge

Building on the ambitious cybersecurity initiatives announced in 2017, the European Commission proposes as a next step the creation of a Network of Cybersecurity Competence Centres and a new European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre to invest in stronger and pioneering cybersecurity capacity in the EU, with the aim to help the EU retain and develop the cybersecurity technological and industrial capacities necessary to secure its Digital Single Market.

The solution

CyberSec4Europe will provide all the required capabilities to secure and maintain a healthy democratic society within a world-leading digital economy. Its strategy focuses on align and interconnect a vast pool of research excellence in existing centres and research facilities together with industry leaders to develop a governance model for the future of European Cybersecurity Competence Network. For this purpose, seven key demonstration cases have been identified in different domains:

    • E-commerce and PSD2
    • Security and Integrity of the Supply Chain
    • Privacy-preserving Identity Management
    • Incident Reporting
    • Maritime Transport
    • Medical Data Exchange
    • Smart Cities

    Business benefit

    The impact of CyberSec4Europe will be significant during the life of the project, but also well beyond, as its results will contribute to enhance the competitiveness of European industry while at the same time providing greater security for the European citizens and society. The result will be economic growth for Europe, jobs for European citizens, and the expansion of global markets for European cybersecurity products and services.

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